What is the difference between counted cross stitch and needlepoint?

For those of you who watched “The Brady Bunch”, do you remember that Carol frequently carried a canvas around with needle and yarn attached?  She could start and stop her needlepoint at any time.  This is because the design was printed on the canvas.  All she needed to do was to stitch the color she saw.  Counted cross stitch requires a little more concentration.


cross stitch materials

Counted cross stitch is done on fabric in which there are squares.  There is no design printed on it.  You follow a pattern which is made up of symbols. Each symbol represents one stich of a designated color.  Each stitch is an X. The thread used is referred to as floss.  DMC floss comes in a 6 strand skein.  Typically, two strands are used for stitching.

Needlepoint is done on a stiffer canvas. The pattern is printed on the canvas.  Unlike the X stitched in a counted cross stitch design, needlepoint uses only 1/2 an X.  Stitches are made with yarn instead of floss.


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