Materials & Organization

What do I need and What do I do with it?

So, you’ve purchased a leaflet and there is a list of needed colors identified by number.  You go to the store armed with the supply list and you see rows of colored skeins in their own cross stitch flossnumbered bins.  How do you use the floss (a more correct term than\ string)? What happens if that little paper band with the color number comes off?  An even more important question is how do you keep the floss from turning into one big knot?

Once you have the materials you need, what do you do with them while stitching and when finished?  Organization for your cross stitch materials will help to keep you hooked without becoming frustrated!

What about a kit?

It’s great to use a kit in which all materials are included.  But, what a mess if you don’t take the time to get organized before you start.

In this website, I will share some tricks that I use to help me choose materials and keep myself organized.