Choosing Patterns

Cross Stitch for Beginners…Where do I start?

The first pattern that I attempted was based on seeing the finished project hanging on a store wall.  That was a great way to start because I was motivated.  As with anything, without motivation it won’t be completed.  I was lucky that I chose a project that didn’t have a crazy cross stitch patternnumber of colors and multiple types of stitches to use.  If that had been the case, I think I may have become frustrated and given up.  There are so many wonderful patterns that appear to be easy.  They are marketed as “weekenders” or “great for beginners”.  They tend to be smaller in size and look like they shouldn’t take all that long to complete.  However, don’t let that be your deciding factor.  They often require frequent changes of color and lots of backstitching.  If you are motivated to try, go for it!  If you are choosing a pattern for the first time, I would recommend looking for a pattern which has limited colors and only uses full cross stitches.